Weekend Box Office- February 14-16, 2014


The wonders of LEGO easily held onto the top spot over a host of new releases. The LEGO Movie grossed $48.8 million, a drop of only 29%. It has brought in $129.1 million in two weeks domestically, holding strong on weekdays as well.

Kevin Hart is riding a wave of popularity and his new movie, About Last Night, took advantage of the Valentine’s weekend with a $27 million take. It is his second hit of the year after Ride Along, which is still holding in the top ten.

Robocop settled for third with $21.5 million. It opened last Wednesday and has grossed $26.4 million. Not a strong start for the movie with a budget of $100 million. The good news for the remake is that it has made almost $70 million internationally. It has made its budget back in two weeks of worldwide release so Robocop can hardly be called a flop.

1. The LEGO Movie- $48.8 million/ $129.1 million

2. About Last Night- $27.0/ $27.0

3. Robocop- $21.5/ $26.4

4. The Monuments Men- $15.0/ $43.6

5. Endless Love- $13.3/ $13.3

6. Ride Along- $8.7/ $116.3

7. Winter’s Tale- $7.7/ $7.7

8. Frozen- $5.8/ $376.0

9. Lone Survivor- $4.0/ $118.4

10. That Awkward Moment- $3.3/ $21.4


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