Wait…More Man Of Steel? Ummm Yeah?

Photo courtesy comingsoon.net
Photo courtesy comingsoon.net

I know we are still two months away from the release of Man of Steel, but we just need to accept that these articles are going to keep happening. If you are not a Superman fan I am sure we have plenty of other great articles on here for you such as:

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Still here?


Now that we have determined you are a Superman fan (or at least a fan of large men in spandex) here are the photos from the Entertainment Weekly summer movie issue which Supes is the cover boy. We get what is probably the best (and most sinister) look at Michael Shannon’s Zod as well as looks at Jor-El, Lois Lane and Perry White, who, ironically, is African-American in this movie, so if you have a problem with that we can’t be friends anymore.

Man of Steel releases on June 14th.

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