Thing I Learned From Sony’s New Video: Chicks Will Want To Bang If You Buy A PS4.


If you have a PS3 then I am sure you know how awkward and sometimes…well, broken the interface is. Sony is looking to fix all of that with the PS4 by having a greater social integration and the ability to break away in-game to begin downloads from the Playstation Store and instantly continue your game as well as download certain games by single and multiplayer sections.

The biggest thing this video should teach you is that if you buy a PS4 and Knack and happen to have a hot friend that is playing the exact same game, you can follow her progress on your system like a high-tech creeper (you know you will, don’t lie) and she will notice your interest in her via games and invite you to join her on a raid in her sheets. So your Horatio Sanz-like friend will just have to play Killzone by himself because your PS4 just got you laid…for only $399.

Your move Microsoft.


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