An electric vehicle cheaper than the Leaf, more stable than the Batpod.

Introducing the world’s first gyroscopically stabilized, two-wheeled all-electric vehicle: The C1 from Lit Motors. Or as I like to call it, My Next Car. 

Notice the clip of the C1 getting jerked around by a Jeep while keeping its balance and staying upright. The idea is that even in an actual crash it would bounce off, screech a bit, and keep going.

 Sliding by a theater near you

If it sounds like something you’ve seen in movies, you’re right. There are actually several features of the C1 that have ties to the big screen.

  • Super-stable 2-wheeled vehicle = The Dark Knight’s Batpod
  • Remote controlled by smartphone = Batman’s Batmobile and The Dark Knight’s Batpod
  • HUD display built in to the windshield… you heard me. = Remember the car Tom Cruise sported in MI4 with the touch screen windshield… that, but without the “touch” capability.

Other great features:

  • top speeds around 100mph,
  • 0-60 in 6 seconds
  • a range of about 200 miles/charge

All packaged into a sleek design that will launch in 2o14 for about $24,000, but will drop to $12,500 by 2018.


In summary, its awesome and I want one.

You can reserve yours here. Find more details about the C1 and its creators over at TechCrunch…

Would you buy one?


One response to “An electric vehicle cheaper than the Leaf, more stable than the Batpod.”

  1. Nice, very cool mix between motorcycle and car… I wonder how it will hold up to a wreck though.

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