Stallone And Schwarzenegger Want To Escape From Jesus In Escape Plan

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

Here is the first trailer from the Stallone and Schwarzenegger action flick Escape Plan. It looks like pretty standard fare when it comes to the two vets, but that’s not really a bad thing. Stallone plays a prison expert who is tasked with breaking out of incarceration to show weak points in security. When he is kidnapped and put away in a special prison called “The Tomb” he must find a way out and figure out who put him away. This is not to be confused with the wonderful Playstation Vita game of the same name.

The movie also stars our Lord and Savior Jim Caviezel, the giant cockroach from Law & Order, a guy that used to be a famous rapper and Michael Scott’s girlfriend.

Escape Plan releases on September 27th.


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