New Skyrim DLC ‘Dragonborn’ Coming In December

Does Riding Dragons Appeal To You?

Sorry PS3 owners but Bethesda is rubbing more salt in your wounds.

Today the newest DLC content for Skyrim was announced. Dragonborn will see the resurrection of the first of the dragon born. Whether he is friend or foe is yet to be known. Bethesda has only released the trailer below for us to go on.

It does appear that the rumor of you being able to fly your own dragons in the game may be true. One scene in the trailer shows your character mounting a dragon for some flying time. No news yet if it will be free roaming or on rails flight but the aspect of being able to do it sounds great.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- Dragonborn will release on December 4th on Xbox 360 for 1600 MS Points.


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