SimCity By The Numbers…This Should Be Fun

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Not to be outdone by Tomb Raider’s numbers, EA has released their own set of numbers for SimCity in a press release. If you really want to read the entire, long winded thing then I applaud you. I am just going to post the numbers that EA touted this morning.

In just two weeks:
– SimCity players have logged more than 15 million hours of online gameplay.
– More than 5.7 million original cities have been created since launch.
– More than 780 million buildings have been built.
– SimCity mayors to date have built enough road and railroad tracks to circle the globe more than 40,000 times.

First thought from me is exactly how many of those cities have been created, lost and recreated because of the SimCity servers not being able to handle the number of players online at one time? It is like when Sony mentions the lifetime sales of the Playstation 2. Sure it may be the best selling console ever, but how many of those consoles were multiple buys by customers because the first few years of PS2’s were pieces of shit? I had three, how about you?

I am happy that Maxis and EA are finally getting the game to a serviceable level, but there is no other way to describe SimCity’s launch other than one of the biggest cluster fu**s to happen in gaming.


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