Shigeru Miyamoto Wants Wii U To Be A “Warm And Welcoming Place”.

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It hurts me to watch the Wii U flounder like it has. It is nowhere near as powerful as what will be offered by Microsoft or Sony, but I still have hope that Nintendo can carve their own niche when we finally get some damn games for the system. This E3 will be Nintendo’s biggest test and show if they are really ready to compete.

Shigeru Miyamoto was interviewed by CNN and gave his impressions on how the Wii U’s second screen will eventually become the standard for gaming and a integral part of the living room.

“There was a period when we first released the Nintendo DS that people would say there’s no way people can look at two screens at once. I almost feel like, as people get more familiar with Wii U and these touchscreen interfaces, that there is going to come a point where they feel like ‘I can’t do everything I want to do if I don’t have a second screen.”

“I feel a device like Wii U, with its ability to continue to offer new features and that network connection and the connection to the TV and the interface, really makes it feel that it’s more than just a game machine, but something that offers a lot of practical use and practical purpose in the living room. I look at it as being a very useful device that can do many different things and therefore really seems to be the device that’s ideal to have in the living room.”

“Our immediate objective over the next few months is to improve the Wii U system and make it a little more stable, a little bit more convenient to use from a system standpoint. Miiverse (a sort of social network that lets players interact) is an example of an ongoing project. We really wanted to be able to leverage Miiverse in something like ‘New Super Mario Bros. U.’ We’re obviously still early on in it and just trying things out, but so far, it does feel like the community itself is doing a very good job of being a warm and welcoming place for people.”




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