Seven Royal Rumble Moments…Just Because


This Sunday will be the 27th annual Royal Rumble event so I figured I would quickly put up some of my favorite moments from the show. There are only seven items, because I actually would like you to have the time to see them all, and because I wanted to leave plenty of room for anyone else to let us know about their favorite moments from the yearly event that begins the “road to WrestleMania”.

Let us know of some of your memories or link us the video in the comments below. Also, tell us who you think will win this Sunday.

These are in no particular order.

2005 Royal Rumble

Easily one of the best eliminations ever came in 2005 when Snitsky went full retard on Paul London. This definitely was his fault.

2010 Royal Rumble

One of the most surprising returns because Edge was thought to be on the shelf for four more months. What still burns me is that as I watched this on PPV, two of my good friends were watching it live at the show, but I did get to witness Edge’s last match at WrestleMania the next year, so no worries.

1999 Royal Rumble

The only true “holy sh**” winner in Royal Rumble history. Sure, you knew he would not main event WrestleMania but that did not keep me from yelling at the television.

2012 Royal Rumble

Kofi has had many memorable Royal Rumble moments. This one sticks out the most to me. He may not ever win the Royal Rumble but he is one of the most entertaining parts every year.

2008 Royal Rumble

There have been many returns during the Royal Rumble match. Booker T, RVD and Diesel are some that come to mind. The reason why I picked this was because it was Piper returning to MSG and the New York crowd popping like they should for a legend like him.

2000 Royal Rumble

Not having to do with the Rumble match but one of my favorite moments. Tazz made his WWE debut against Kurt Angle and ended his undefeated streak. Angle would go on to win the world title in October and Tazz would go on to have one good match against HHH on Smackdown and get his shirt ripped off by Stone Cold in 2001.

2007 Royal Rumble

The final eight minutes of the Royal Rumble was something wrestling fans had been waiting years on. Since making his comeback Shawn Michaels had not gone on-on-one with The Undertaker. As the last two men standing in the match they dazzled the audience and showed us but a taste of what was to come at WrestleMania 25 & 26.


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