See Man Of Steel Early Thanks To…Wal-Mart? New Image Released.


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Photo courtesy

This new image above will be titled simply ‘Merica.

If you, like me, are counting down the days until the release of Man of Steel (49 days) then Wal-Mart is offering you a chance to shave a few hours off of that wait. The big, evil corporation will be selling early screening tickets the the summer’s biggest movie beginning May 18th at 8AM in over 3,700 stores that will let them watch the movie at special 7PM showings on June 13th.

The tickets will also come with a code that will allow you to go ahead and pre-order the movie on Blu-Ray and receive a free digital comic written by the movie’s writer David Goyer.

This is actually a new idea that I could get behind. Now before you go off spouting your hatred of Wal-Mart as the Hitler of retailers just pull back a bit bleeding hearts. I think in idea alone this is a great idea and may be a look forward to what future movie blockbusters could end up doing. There is a large amount of people that I can see buying tickets in this fashion.

Man of Steel releases on June 14th.



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