SEC Tells EA They Just Aren’t That Into Them

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EA may have thought they were past the drama for their yearly college football game, but not quite yet. The SEC has announced that they will join the NCAA and end their agreement with EA Sports to have their logos and their championship game represented in future titles in the EA series.

Schools within the SEC are free to work out their own deals with EA for the use of their names, logos, stadiums, etc. This will almost certainly make the development of the game a more expensive venture for EA since they now have to work out individual deals with all schools within the SEC. Could some schools ask for more (Alabama, LSU) than others? Could some schools overestimate their value (Missouri) and try to play hardball with EA and get left out of next year’s college football game? These are the days of our lives.

Will the SEC be the only conference to pull this move? This can not be seen as anything but a setback as EA tries to move forward with their new game. The SEC is the powerhouse of college football (Yes, that will change. Take it easy bleeding hearts.) and the loss of conference support will hurt EA. Not cripple it mind you, just hurt.


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