Season 2 Of Arrow To Introduce The Flash For Spinoff Series

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The writers of the CW series Arrow have revealed that we will see the introduction of The Flash in the second season of the show and that he will be spun off into his own series. The pilot will be written by series writers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Mr. DC Geoff Johns.

In a pair of interviews, Berlanti and Kreisberg gave some more insight on exactly what kind of Flash we can expect. Berlanti had this to say in an interview with Deadline:

“Barry Allen’s story always has been a favorite of mine, as well as of Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns. We wanted everyone to know about the show as that process commenced. We think it fits well both in terms of Arrow and as a stand-alone series.”

Kreisberg was asked about how The Flash will fit into the Arrow style in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“When we first meet Barry Allen, he’s just a forensic scientist … an ordinary man. Part of the fun for the audience … is to see how we view our Arrow take on the Flash legacy. Some of it will feel very familiar to DC Comics, some of it hopefully will feel different, fresh and exciting. The same way we approached Arrow is the same way we’re approaching Barry.”

I am more than interested to see what the guys behind Arrow can do for The Flash character. Arrow is one of my favorite shows and if you have not given it a try because it is on the CW then you are missing out. I also would like to know how this affects any plans for the rumored 2016 Flash movie that was talked about at Comic-Con.

Oh, and about the costume. Will it be some kind of Smallville-type crapfest? Kreiberg had an answer for that as well:

“No sweat suits or strange code names; he will be The Flash.”

The series already has a mark in the plus column.


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