Satoru Iwata Unboxing A Wii U Is Oddly Fascinating

Seriously, Try And Not Be Entertained

Odds are over the next few weeks you are going to see many Wii U unboxing videos but let’s face it you won’t find one with the unbridled weirdness of watching Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unpack his company’s own console complete with gladiator music at the beginning that makes you think Spatacus is about come out and disembowel Iwata.

Wii U launches on November 18th and comes in two sets. Standard is $299.99 and the deluxe set (shown in the video) will retail for $349.99

Lastly, what is the over under on how many times you rewind the video to hear Iwata say “it’s a bit stiff” in Japanese? I am going +3.



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