Samsung’s Galaxy Mega Asks If You Can Handle 6 Inches


Hey, are you one of those people walking around with a Galaxy Note I or II in your pocket as people wonder what is the bulge in your pants? Well guess what? It’s not the biggest anymore. That’s right, Samsung has moved one step closer to telling you to buy a Galaxy Tab and tape it to your head.

Introducing the Galaxy Mega. This big bastard comes in two sizes: the 5.8 inch “Look At Me And My Ridiculous Phone” and the 6.3 inch “It’s Big In China Phone”. They will come in 8 and 16GB versions and will support microSD cards up to 64GB. The 5.8 inch comes with a 960 x 540 resolution and the 6.3 inch is equipped with 1280 x 720 so you can read all the sad, lonely posts of your “friends” on Facebook in face melting high quality.

No North American release date has been given, but Europe and Russia will be getting them in May. Really? Russia is getting them before us? How many vodka and beet dinners will have to be forsaken to afford this thing?


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