Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition Is Bat Sh** Crazy

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We all know how over the top the Saints Row franchise is. People were wondering how they could possibly do any more than give gamers an actual working dubstep gun, but this is ri-damn-diculous and it is the exact reason why you should love this game.

I give to you the [amazon_link id=”B00BRQN2H4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Saints Row IV[/amazon_link] Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition. While you may be used to paying from $80-$150 on your normal collectors editions, this bad boy will set you back the paltry sum of $1 million (cue Dr. Evil finger).

Also, you get to go to space….SPACE. We shit you not.


The amount of content in this collector’s set runs from the odd (spy training) to the downright fu**ing weird (plastic surgery). I don’t even know if I can list all the items without slowly slipping into a coma thinking of how the guys at Deep Silver/Volition even came up with this. Just read the items above.

I see it going down a bit like this:

Dr. Boobinshaft: Hello

Volition: Hi Doctor, we are wanting to set up a date for an appontment.

Dr. B: OK, what is your name?

Volition: Oh, it’s not for us. We are giving it away as part of a video game.

Dr. B: Seriously? How do I know if it will be a male or female or what kind of work it will be?

Volition: Well Doc we will go ahead and say that there is an 75-80% it will be a male, possibly lonely, looking for pec implants or dick work.

Saints Row IV releases on August 20th.


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