Rumor: Is J.J. Abrams Dropping Out Of Star Wars: Episode VII?


Right now this is the biggest of rumors (thus the name of the article), but there are rumblings that J.J. Abrams is considering dropping out of the next film in the Star Wars saga.

The reason: his family.

Abrams has been very vocal about not wanting to shoot the film in England and be away from his family for so long, but Disney has put the kabosh on any argument and said that England is where it is happening. This has put Abrams in a bit of a bitter place and may have him thinking about leaving the project.

Like I said before, these are complete rumors. One would think Abrams would and should have known the commitment in taking on such a large movie.


One response to “Rumor: Is J.J. Abrams Dropping Out Of Star Wars: Episode VII?”

  1. parisvega Avatar

    Doesn’t Disney know that Abrams is one of the main/only reasons people are excited about the new Star Wars movies? Whatever reasons (likely budgetary) they want to shoot in England, couldn’t possibly be worth risking the marketing value of Abrams name. Dude puts people in seats. Am I wrong?

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