Rumor Control: WB Looking To Cast “Older” Batman For Batman/Superman

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Alright here is a new rumor that you should know about when placing your bets on who will get the coveted role of The Caped Crusader in 2015’s Batman/Superman movie. Batman On Film is reporting from multiple sources that Warner Bros. is actively looking for an older “more grizzled” Batman for the Zack Snyder-directed feature set for release in 2015. The age range has been narrowed to actors who are almost or already in their 40’s.

To me this is a bit of good news because it is guaranteed that we will not get any form of Batman origin story again for this movie. It looks like we will be getting a Batman that is already on the job and good at what he does. This makes the dynamic between the two characters much better than two rookie heroes figuring things out as they go. At least one of them will be a veteran who can lead by example.

Let us know who you think would make a great Batman (no matter the age) and we will include it in our fantasy casting article that is coming soon.

And yes, I know Jon Hamm is going to be the overwhelming favorite. I am in the minority on this. I used to be all for it, but over the past year or so I have found other actors I would rather see in the role.

Who you got?


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  1. Jeremiah Wolfwood Avatar
    Jeremiah Wolfwood

    I like Karl Urban, but then again when I heard Ben Affleck my ears perked up

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