Remember Me’s Combo System Is Either Wonderfully Complex Or Insanely Obtrusive.

How In Depth Do You Like Your Fighting Skills?

Remember Me is one of the most unique looking games to come along in some time. It has the look of a futuristic Uncharted with a fighting style that looks to replicate the Rocksteady Batman titles.

Previous footage has shown off the games unusual game mechanic of invading people’s thoughts and change the way they remember certain events to achieve objectives. Now the developers are showing off the combo system and I honestly have no idea what to think of it yet. While playing you will enter what is called the Combo Lab where you can pre-set combos using four different trees of attacks known as pressens which open up your character to have almost 50,000 combo possibilities.

The game in motion still looks wonderful and the combat is very Arkham-esque but I am still undecided on pausing the game whenever I want to create a new combo. While I do see the possibilities of basically having an RPG inside of your fighting system and how deep this makes the game we will just have to wait and see if it all comes together.

Remember Me releases in May 2013.


One response to “Remember Me’s Combo System Is Either Wonderfully Complex Or Insanely Obtrusive.”

  1. Whoa. Intense. I like the style of the circular health meter/indicator deal in the bottom left.

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