R.I.P. Comics Alliance.

Photo courtesy cityprintsmapart.com
Photo courtesy cityprintsmapart.com

AOL has shut down fan (and personal) favorite Comics Alliance. No reason was given for the shut down, but it definitely leaves a big hole in my daily comics-related fix. We want to wish Chris Sims, Dave Uzumeri, Lauren Davis and all of the other staff at Comics Alliance the best of luck in their future endeavors.

I am going to miss the shit out of their movie reviews and their recap of episodes of Smallville are some of the consistently funniest things you will ever read about a television show.

Zack Smith from Newsarama put together a video set to the popular “Hitler Learns” series that discusses Comics Alliance’s closing. I think it is most fitting.



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  1. This sucks. The tribute video was great. The future is bleak for comics journalism.

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