Prey 2 Back in the Hunt?

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When the original Prey was released on 360 in July of 2006, it was met with high praise for its graphical prowess, original story, unique gravity-bending gameplay sections, and its generally ability to horrify / terrify players. Shortly thereafter a sequel was said to be in development by a team at Human Head Games, and in 2011 it was officially announced by publisher Bethesda. Check out the trailer, courtesy of IGN’s YouTube: Prey 2 E3 2011 Trailer.

Looks pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately, that was the last information released concerning the title. Since then, it has been repeatedly reported as cancelled, and on August of last year it was officially pulled from the products page on Bethesda’s website. Most fans saw that as the final nail in Prey 2’s coffin.

Until today, when the web is buzzing about, a “countdown site” in the style popularly used for movie and video game reveals. The countdown is obviously in a fictional language, but the internet quickly deciphered the cycle and came up with a date: March 1st, 2013. While we can’t say for certain until then, the symbols seemingly match those used by the aliens in the original Prey, and the four letters at the top appear to spell “PREY” when shifted slightly.


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