Playstation Network Offers Another Deal



Sony continues to pour on the deals when it comes to the Playstation Network. Until April 1st for every $50 you spend online in the Playstation Store you will get $10 back in your PSN wallet. You can use the reserve of digital download games to make up the money if you wish or buy new backgrounds, movies, etc. Any way to spend $50 will get you a free $10.

For those super deal seekers you can double up on deals. Sony has another deal until March 4th that will get you a free three months of Playstation Plus when you purchase a full year. So conceivably you can buy a year of PS Plus for $49.99 and reserve a game or buy a cheap avatar and get fifteen months of PS Plus and ten bucks back in your PSN wallet.

And if you got a free $10 bucks last week from Sony in your account (raises hand) the deal turns out even better.



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