Playstation 4 May Run At 4K Resolution


Sony wants your Playstation 4 (or Orbis, who knows) to look very, very clear. Rumors are circulating that Sony’s next iteration of the Playstation will come ready to support the high resolution televisions. Right now the only way that will happen is if you are worth more than most Sony executives since their own brand of 4K television will be releasing this fall in an 80 inch version for a cool $30,000.

But this is always how Sony operates. They are known for future proofing their systems. The PS2 coming equipped with a DVD drive and the PS3 with a Blu-Ray player were huge reasons why those platforms became a mainstay in homes worldwide so this is just another smart move by Sony to ensure the PS4 has a long shelf life.

I will be taking donations for a new 4K TV soon. Hello Kickstarter.


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