Playstation 4 Is A Beast Under The Hood

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For those of you that followed us during our live tweet of Sony’s Playstation 4 announcement we thank you greatly and now that the system is officially real we can begin getting into the guts of the matter.

Sony went into greater detail about the interior workings of the Playstation 4, more than I thought they would and under the hood it is a very, very impressive piece of hardware. So much so that I may have to change my price prediction and match up with the $429 and $529, two-sku rumors flying about.

What Sony announced is swimming around their new monster console:

-AMD 8-core 64-bit X86 Jaguar (not Atari) CPU

-Radeon GPU with 1.84 TFLOPS of processing for graphics, etc.

-6X Blu-Ray drive and 8X DVD drive

-8GB unified GDDR5 RAM

-802.11 Wi-Fi

-USB 3.0

-Bluetooth 4.1

-HDMI, optical out and analog AV

Sony was very forthcoming in saying that they wanted this console to be developer friendly. It is widely known that a lot of developers had problems working with the Cell processor in the PS3 so Sony has done them a great service by making the Playstation 4 more PC-like.


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