Pacific Rim Sideshow Collectibles Statues Look Beautiful, Will Require Second Mortgage

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

If you know me then you know I love Pacific Rim. More than I should. It struck the right chord in the theater and made me feel like I was 10 again watching a big, bombastic action movie. Now Sideshow Collectibles are trying to test my love with these new statues based on the movie.

How is that possible you might ask?

Well, while the statues of Gipsey Danger and the knife-head Kaiju are a wonder to behold, they also will cost a sweat-inducing $400 a piece. I am gonna need some more incentive for a purchase like that. If I pay 800 bucks for two statues I better get a romantic dinner with Charlie Hunnam while Charlie Day sings The Nightman Cometh by candle light.

Check out Sideshow Collectible’s site for a full gallery on both statues.




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