Ouya Founder Says It Can Play Current Hits, But Won’t

Photo courtesy uncrate.com
Photo courtesy uncrate.com

Ouya is going to be getting into the hands of Kickstarter backers on March 28th and consumers in June and founder Julie Uhrman is making the rounds hyping up the $99 Android-based console. At a SXSW panel she was asked if the console would be able to play current console blockbusters and she had an interesting response.

“Yes, and why would we? Those experiences are great on those devices. You wouldn’t want to play those games anywhere else. But we are going to have exclusive games. … We’re going to have inventive, creative, exciting content that no one else has. At $99, it’s not an either-or decision.”

Uhrman is really sticking to her guns about keeping Ouya a unique console experience. While on the one hand, it would be great to have a $99 console that you could play Mass Effect 3 on, trying to separate yourself from any competitors could be a gamble that pays off. The entire history of the Ouya has been a gamble and so far, so good.



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