Only 4.5 GB GDDR5 Memory Available For Games On PS4

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Sony has revealed that, while the [amazon_link id=”B00CMQTVQO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]PS4[/amazon_link] will come equipped with an impressive 8GB of GDDR5 memory, only 4.5GB of that is available to game developers.

3.5GB is reserved on the system to run Sony’s new OS with a 1GB of “flexible memory” that can be pulled from the OS to use for the games if needed upping the total to 5.5GB. So, in response, the internet community has done what they do so well and jumped off the deep end in response with some morons in comment threads saying they will cancel their pre-orders because of this.


No game is going to need most of the 8GB on the system. Hell, most games will be good with less than the 4.5GB and very few, I am assuming, will need to stretch into the extra memory. Developers have a sh**ton of space to work with and, if anything, the 3.5GB reserved for the OS on the system will mean that we will get a much better experience than we are used to with the PS3, including the ability to play while downloading and a much better running PSN.

Slow down, bleeding hearts. Take a breath and everything will be alright.



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