Nintendo Reveals The 2DS. This Is Really Happening.

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Photo courtesy

Before you call this bullsh**, just keep reading.

Nintendo has just revealed the 2DS, a non-folding, slate designed handheld that will play all 3DS and DS games, but not feature the 3D function. The system will release on October 12th and cost $129.99. It will come with a 4GB memory card and have all the features of a 3DS including WiFi. A slider at the bottom of the system will put the handheld in sleep mode like closing the 3DS. The screen is the same size as the 3DS, not the XL version.

Nintendo is focusing the 2DS on the young (7 and under) handheld crowd. Many may laugh at this, but Nintendo is the leader of the handheld game market for a reason. This should be a big seller this holiday season especially with the very reasonable $130 price tag.

Now let’s just not get started on the design of the system which is a bit…sandwich looking.


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