Next Xbox Could Pave Way For Your Own Personal Holodeck.

New Kinect may allow for full 3D, 360 degree gaming.

So here is a bit of next gen gaming news that may truly be “the future of gaming”.

Microsoft has a patent filed that, if they can get the tech working of course, would tranform your living room into a fully immersive interactive gaming experience. It appears that the new Xbox and the new model of Kinect would combine to project game images onto the walls allowing players to basically turn their living room into whatever world they happen to be in at the moment.

Now as a game geek this is too exciting to really put into words but when I look at the example shots the more and more I begin to see how truly expensive this might be for me. I still don’t have enough room to jump and look like a fool with a Kinect right now and if you pay attention to the shot above you may recognize that the living room must not be decorated with any type of pictures or wall hangings and I am assuming painted white. It would also appear to need three times the room of the Kinect now. Now I begin to sadden where once excitement existed.

So I need to start saving now since I will need the following:

  • A house or apartment with at least 12-15 feet of free space.
  • 11 cans of eggshell white paint for the walls.
  • An Xbox 720
  • A new Kinect (assuming it’s not packed in with the system, gotta save somewhere)
  • A game
  • A great job to pay for all of this.

No one ever said turning your room into the Enterpise holodeck was cheap. Now if I could just play as Sherlock Homes with Data and the guy that played the butler on The Nanny, Microsoft has me sold.





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