New Trailer For A Good Day To Die Hard

John McClane Takes His “Talents” To Russia.

Die Hard is one of the greatest movies ever made. So now that you know that I am a man by that statement I will also say that I am a sucker for all of the sequels. They suck me in and there is no escape. Whether it is Renny Harlin’s over the top action or Bruce Willis walking around New York with a racial sandwich board I am there. I am even forgiving of the fourth entry and will say it was not a “bad” movie.

Now the fifth installment is on its way and a new trailer has just been released. A Good Day To Die Hard sees John McClane headed to Russia for another “fish out of water” story. It is kind of like the first movie where he is out of place coming from NY to LA, just on a much larger scale. It looks like it will be fun and let’s face it, that’s all we ask Die Hard to be.

A Good Day To Die Hard opens on February 14, 2013.


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