New Poster And International Trailer For Star Trek Into Darkness

As one Pam Poovey from Archer would say. Holy shit snacks.

This new international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness involves a lot of balls and they happen to be going to the wall. There is a ton of new footage in this as well as so much more Benedict Cumberbatch creepy awesomeness.

Here are a few things to look and listen for:

-Cumberbatch is referred to as a “top agent” of Starfleet. The Khan factor is looking less and less likely.

-For some reason, with Cumberbatch’s attack on the Starfleet meeting, I am thinking more and more that Admiral Pike may bite it in the movie.

-Alice Eve in her underwear….yeah.

-Also may I add….Peter Weller!! Admiral Robocop is in full effect in this trailer.

Also, check out the new poster below. Star Trek Into Darkness releases on May 15th.

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy


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