New Playstation Specs And Controller Leak?


A story up on Kotaku is claiming that a source has revealed the specs list (for the development kit at least) for Sony’s new Playstation and that the new controller will be much different from the existing Dualshock. The new controller would have a touch pad much like what comes on the back of the Vita. This may also come on the back of the controller. Along with the new touch tech, the controller may also come with some type of biometric feature and have a share button which may be used for the multiple account user feature that the report also mentions.

I love my Vita, but will go on record saying that I do not like the back touch pad. I don’t mind games that use it properly (Little Deviants) but it is a pain when it is shoehorned into a game. If the reports are true I hope that some new Playstation launch titles won’t have to be forced to utilize this (like Lair for the PS3 Sixaxis).

Go take a look at the complete story over on Kotaku.




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