New Mass Effect Has A Late 2014- Mid-2015 Release Window

Take heart Mass Effect fans, EA and Bioware are already hard at work on the next game in the series.

The fact there is going to be a new Mass Effect game is no surprise with Bioware’s Casey Hudson tweeting about this back in November but now Mike Gamble, producer on Mass Effect 3, has given the game a very early release window.

“Late 2014 to mid-2015. I honestly can’t tell you an exact because full development on the game started a month or two ago.”

So I guess we can be pretty safe to say that the next title in the franchise will be on next-gen consoles. The game will be a completely new story not involving Commander Shepard (for obvious reasons). It has not been announced if the title will be a prequel or a true sequel.

Gamble went on to talk about the use of a new engine for the game and more.

“The game isn’t far along in development so I can’t comment on specifics because they isn’t any yet. Frostbite 2 is a really good game engine that we are also using on Dragon Age 3. As far as release date, there’s nothing to be announced yet. You’ll hear more about the new Mass Effect game in 2013.”



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