New God Of War: Ascension Video Takes You Inside The Motion Capture Studio

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

A new video released by Sony shows the team at Sony: Santa Monica hard at work in the motion capture studio with actors T.C. Carson (Kratos), Jennifer Hale (FemShep, I mean Lysandra) and Troy Baker (Orkos). The three are suited up in spandex and balls which sounds like fun but they are just motion capture suits. One of the things the team is doing differently is recording the voiceover work at the same time as the mo-cap session to give the performances a more authentic feel.

We then get a look at the programmers as they take the actors mo-cap session and translate that into the game you will see next month.

God of War: Ascension releases on March 12th.

SIDE NOTE: I realize this is T.C. Carson’s seventh time voicing the legendary Kratos, but am I the only one that still thinks of Kyle Barker from Living Single? Or am I showing my age. (We are livinnng sinnngle)


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