New Game Releases. Week Of September 16, 2012

All Hail The Beginning Of Holiday Gaming!!

Borderlands 2 (360, PS3) $59.99-normal/ $99.99- deluxe/ good luck finding a loot chest

Gearbox’s followup to their 2009 game (which is free to all PS Plus subscribers this month), Borderlands 2 ups the ante on almost every single facet of the original. More character classes, a deeper story, 87 bazillion guns (no really, that’s how many Gearbox is toungue in cheek saying), online four player co-op and two player split screen which, if you played the first game, is the BEST way to play. A season pass for all DLC is also avaliable for 2400 MS Points or $29.99 on PSN. Ummm go now and get it.

Little Big Planet Vita (PS Vita) $39.99

Wait? Wasn’t this game not supposed to be released until September 25th? You are correct but Sony gave the go ahead this past Saturday to begin selling the game early. And yes I have a copy in my Vita right now and a review will be coming soon. I can say that from what I have played that if you love LBP and do not own a Vita this is a system seller. Tarsier has taken over for Media Molecule and have integrated all the Vita features well.  Now Sackboy can fit in your pocket and go anywhere. Phrasing, I know.

Torchlight 2 (PC Digital Download) $20

All the dungeon crawling and looting of Diablo III at a third of the price. Add in multiplayer co-op and the ability to still mod this game to your hearts content and you are looking at an easy buy for dungeon looters.

Jet Grind Radio (XBLA, PSN)  800 MS Points/$9.99 PSN

After you are done blowing off cel-shaded heads in Borderlands 2 go ahead and download the HD re-release of the Dreamcast classic rollerblading game. Not as many guns as Borderlands but you will have a great time blading away from cops and tagging your turf with graffiti. Oh Dreamcast, the one system Sega did right and it died a premature death.

Happy gaming!!!

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