New Game Releases. Week Of August 26, 2012.


Madden NFL 13 (PS3, 360, Vita, Wii) $59.99-PS3, Xbox/ $49.99- Wii/ $39.99- Vita

It’s Madden. Really, by now you know if you are going to get this or not. Reviews have been better than the past few years but this will mark the eighth year where I will say “There’s no way it can be be better than NFL 2K5 right?”

Guild Wars 2 (PC) $59.99

With almost every MMO going to a free to play model now or in the near future, it appears that the first Guild Wars was way ahead of the curve and has begun a trend. Guild Wars 2 looks to continue the success of it’s predecessor with a story that is set 250 years after the events of Guild Wars.

Rock Band Blitz (Xbox LIVE, PSN) $15

Music games may be dead (or hibernating…who knows) but Harmonix is not going to let Rock Band fall by the wayside. Reaching back to their roots Rock Band Blitz lets players play through 25 songs on their controllers with a rhythm game that harkens back to their earlier releases, Amplitude and Frequency. Songs include offerings from: Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold, Queen, Barenaked Ladies and more. The 25 song setlist can also be transferred to your Rock Band 3 playlist for no extra cost as well.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (PSN) $15

Released a few weeks ago on Xbox, now PS3 owners can share in the retro goodness of the first two Tony Hawk games. Check out my review here

Ratchet and Clank Trilogy (PS3) $29.99

It has already been ten years since the first Ratchet and Clank blasted it’s way onto the PS2 with it’s colorful style, amazing platforming and insane weapon inventory. Now to celebrate Insomniac is releasing the first three games in one collection. Ratchet and Clank, Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal get an HD upgrade with only a 30 dollar price tag. This easily wins bargain of the week. If you have not played one of all of these do yourself a favor and get on it!

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