New Developer Diary For The Last Of Us Focuses On Crafting In The End Times

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

Damn you, Naughty Dog. Damn you in the best possible way.

Now that we are approaching the release of [amazon_link id=”B007CM0K86″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Last of Us[/amazon_link] we are seeing more and more gameplay and exactly how Joel and Ellie will interact in this post-apocalyptic society. The newest developer diary titled ” Death and Choices” shows how the crafting system works as well as deciding to make it a real time event and how important it was to make it easy to use.

I love how the choice of “flight or fight” will affect you in the game. Do you sneak past a group of guys and lose everything you could loot from them and the environment or do you risk death to scrounge all you can?

God help me, I am ready for this game.

The Last of Us releases on June 14th.


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