New 3DS Revealed With Second Analog Stick, Faster CPU And Much Rejoicing


Well I am certainly glad I did not get a new 3DS a few weeks ago like I wanted.

Nintendo announced a new 3DS today aptly named “New 3DS”. It will come in both regular and XL models and makes use of the word “new”.


A second analog stick is the biggest addition to the system. Located on the right side above the A,B,X and Y buttons, Nintendo is calling the new analog stick the C-Stick, which is great for us Gamecube lovers. I am wondering just how the C-Stick will feel to people with large hands, or in my case, fat hands. It is more of a nub or as I am calling it: a gaming nipple.

Two new shoulder buttons (ZL and ZR) will be available also, making games that use both analog stick easier to use with more readily available buttons. The A,B,X and Y buttons have also been given a color change to resemble the Super Famicom buttons.


The bottom screen has an NFC reader in it for use with the Nintendo Amiibo figures that will be available this fall. Also, a new CPU will make for faster downloads and browsing on eShop.

Think it ends there? Nope. Nintendo is also is making the top and bottom shells removable to customize your New 3DS. Take a look at the options below.


The New 3DS will release this fall in Japan with a 2015 release here (by here I mean Merica).


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