NBA Live 13 Lives!!!

Game Is Delayed, Not Dead

For the three basketball fans on the planet that don’t enjoy the 2K series of games (that would be me and two guys from Ann Arbor, Michigan) it has been a long road of basketball-less video game days. EA has not released a new game since NBA Live 10 and hasn’t made a good one since….well it’s been a while.

After the NBA franchise was handed over to Tiburon to get EA’s b-ball flagship back on the rails it went the complete opposite direction. The series was renamed to NBA Elite and famously cancelled only one week before it’s release date. EA then decided to take time away from the game and was going to come back strong this year with NBA Live 13. The game was shown off to a group of “meh’s” from people and when August hit and I had not seen anything new from the game I feared the worst.

But now EA has released a new trailer today and assured everyone that NBA Live 13 is alive and well. And even though it will not go head to head with NBA 2K13 on October 2 it will be released soon.

Take a look at the new trailer below and leave your hate comments also since I blasphemed the name of NBA 2K.

I’m sorry I have tried to like it. It just does not click with me.


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