Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Is Here To Change The Perception Of Video Games


Months ago images were leaked of Microsoft’s plans for the ability to transform your entire living room into a massive screen where the gaming experience would be stretched beyond the television and plastered onto the walls that surround you. Many speculated that this could be the next generation of Kinect and no one really knew how far off this technology was.

It seems like the wait will not be too long.

At the Samsung keynote during CES yesterday, Microsoft showed off a proof-of-concept video that showed some ways that this new experience would change how you game. It is called IllumiRoom and Microsoft said that the video was done in real-time with no after effects added. While some may surely cry the easy word of “gimmick”, I say it is far less of a gimmick than the Kinect was. This is not a needed technology, but I will admit that I am excited about trying it out and more than that, excited about what developers can do with it.

The video shows an Xbox 360 on the shelf but I am going to go out on a very thick, sturdy limb here and say that IllumiRoom will be one of the selling points for the next Xbox. Maybe it will be a feature than will come with a new Kinect when the system releases. Right now we are all throwing our hats in the rumor mill ring but I will say that if IllumiRoom can meet the expectations set by the concept video then Microsoft may have something special and game changing on their hands.



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  1. they have lied to us before *cough* kinect *cough*, Where is my finger articulation awareness?

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