Microsoft Lowers Kinect Price.

After almost two years and around 19 million sold, Microsoft has announced that their Kinect will be getting a price reduction from $149.99 to $109.99. Now you can flail around like a mental patient for less. The price drop took effect today.

While the Kinect saw a huge first year, one can only call their sophmore offering sub-par. Big name games like Kinect Star Wars and Steel Battalion were met with almost universal disdain and the peripheral really only has one big release this fall with Fable: The Journey. Maybe this will stimulate a quick sales boost but I’m pretty sure that if someone hasn’t bought a Kinect by now a drop to 109 dollars isn’t going to do much convincing. With the new Xbox on the horizon in the next year and a half or so the Kinect should be seeing a drastic price drop sometime next year. But that’s just my take.


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