Metro: Last Light Getting Season Pass Worth of DLC

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Yesterday, sharp-eyed Metro players might have noticed that a “Season Pass” for the game appeared on the various console marketplaces. Today, Deep Silver took to social media to lay out the specifics of the content:

“Four new individual content Packs will be released this summer to offer players More Metro:

– The “Factions Pack” and “Chronicles Pack” both focus on new and original single player gameplay and stories, which expand upon the Metro universe.

– The “Tower Pack” will present a unique solo challenge to Metro veterans old and new.

– The “Developer Pack” will give creative players some interesting tools from the minds of the developers, with which to explore the world of Metro.

These four Packs are also available as a single package in the Metro: Last Light “Season Pass” — at a discount — at any time for $14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.”

According to the post, details on individual prices and more info about each pack will become available as the respective release dates approach. Having completed the game over the weekened, I am thrilled to learn that this isn’t the end of the line for Last Light.


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