Madden NFL 25’s Cover Vote Doesn’t Let Us Pray For A Madden Curse On Tom Brady

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It’s March Madness time again and we all know what that means!! It’s Madden cover vote bracket time!!

Yeah, I know college basketball fans are wondering why football has to try and take attention away from the greatest playoff system going in sports and I am sure Roger Goodell would simply say, “It’s football, f*** you.” has the 64 player bracket up and it is a fine list of legends and players from today for you to vote on and see who will grace the 25th anniversary cover of Madden NFL. Although I am not sure why Jake Delhomme is on the list. I was pretty sure I saw him working at a Zaxby’s last week.

When you go and cast your vote, just remember that even though there is a long list of quality players to choose from they left out the one quarterback that should be on the cover every year.

Ryan Leaf.


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