Killzone: Mercenary Trailer And Screenshots


It looks like it is finally time for the Vita to get the quality shooter it needs and deserves. One of the main selling points of Sony’s handheld, besides the power under the hood, was the whole new world that was opened by having two analog sticks. But the Resistance and Call of Duty franchises have fallen flat on their face in the past year and failed to deliver the FPS experience that the Vita is built for. Killzone: Mercenary is looking to change that. Developed by Guerrilla Cambridge to bring the Killzone experience to our sweaty little palms.

Killzone: Mercenary has you playing as…..wait for it….a mercenary in the midst of the Helghan/ISA war and will take place after the first Killzone. You can essentially play both sides since you will be taking jobs based on who pays you more. It appears the game will have a robust weapons list from which to spend said blood money.

The game simply looks amazing. When the Vita was launched, this was the type of game you knew the system was capable of, it was just a matter of time before someone figured out how to harness the real horsepower. Just watching the trailer you could almost be fooled into thinking you are watching a PS3 trailer.

Check out the video and screenshots below to see how great Killzone is looking so far.

Killzone: Mercenary releases on September 17th.







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