Ken Levine Unveils Bioshock Infinite DLC

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For those impatiently waiting on [amazon_link id=”B003O6E6NE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Bioshock Infinite’s[/amazon_link] Season Pass to pay off, your day is today.


Ken Levine and Irrational Games revealed that the first piece of DLC for the Game of the Year candidate would be titled Clash in the Clouds and that it is available today for $5 or nothing for Season Pass holders. In it, you take control of Booker competing against waves of various enemies on four brand new challenge maps. There will be 15 waves of enemies per maps with increasing difficulty. There will be “blue ribbon challenges” which are given out for dispatching enemies in distinct ways.

All of this wonderful, mindless killing will gain you cash which you can spend at the Columbian Archaeological Society where you can buy new Voxophones to listen to, character models to display and even new Kinectoscopes.

But wait! I hear you exclaiming. Weren’t we promised single-player DLC when we ponied up $20 for the Season Pass?

You would be correct and that will come in the form of Burial at Sea, a two-piece DLC that will see Booker and Elizabeth (or at least one version of them) return to Rapture on the night before the underwater city’s great fall. You will control Booker in the first part and players will finally get to control the newly gothic looking Elizabeth in the second part. Levine described Elizabeth’s DLC as more akin to “survival horror” so I am assuming that means she will not be making her way around Rapture with guns a blazing.

No release date was given for Burial at Sea. Both will cost $15 a piece or be included in the Season Pass. So the Season Pass cost us $20 and we will be getting $35 in content. Not a bad deal.

Are you excited to be returning to Rapture?



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