Jason Momoa Turns Down Guardians

Photo courtesy theactionelite.com
Photo courtesy theactionelite.com

Well it seems like the allure of a big box office wasn’t enough to lure Khal Drogo to the Marvel Universe.

Jason Momoa has turned down the role of Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Reports are that the Marvel offer to the actor was quite low, but that has been the story with a lot of actors in Marvel movies (see: Terrence Howard).

I understand the move by Momoa wanting more money, but let’s face it, sometimes you should bite the bullet to get the exposure. Conan and Bullet to the Head didn’t exactly burn up the box office and seeing as how Khal Drogo was a one season affair in Game of Thrones, being in a Marvel flick would have been serious exposure.

Marvel will now go back to their previous list of actors for the role that included Dave Bautista, Isaiah Mustafa and Brian Patrick Wade.


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