Is Miyamoto Concerned About The Wii U’s Performance?

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Shigeru Miyamoto told The New York Times that he knows the Wii U is not exactly lighting the sales charts on fire right now, but he is confident on the system’s future.

“Certainly in the short term I would want to see it performing with probably a little more momentum. I think in the long term I’m not at a point where I’m concerned yet.”

If anything, Nintendo is known for their ability to keep support for their hardware going even through rough sales and Miyamoto still feels that the Wii U can be the entertainment hub of everyone’s living room.

“I think that the Wii U still has a long future. We really view it as being the ideal device that families are going to want to have connected to that screen in the living room that everyone is going to gather around and watch.”

I have no doubt that the Wii U will be around for a while no matter what the sales numbers look like. Nintendo only sold 57,000 Wii U’s in January and 80,000 in February, but there is still ample time to turn this around. E3 is right around the corner and they have promised that Smash Bros. and the new 3D Mario will be shown. I think Nintendo is a big price drop and a solid holiday list of games away from being back in the equation. Just look at the 3DS for example.



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