Iron Man 3 Armor-palooza

All photos courtesy
All photos courtesy

So Iron Man 3 has already released like seven separate character posters and four trailers so should it be out of the realm of possibility that they will release individual pictures for all 40 armors used in the movie?

The first four shown are the Mark 17 (Heartbreaker), Mark 33 (Silver Centurion), Mark 38 (Igor) and the Mark 40 (Shotgun).

The Mark 40 kind of reminds me of the new Robocop armor. The Mark 38 has gained the nickname Hulkbuster for obvious reasons. When Pepper Pott’s armor (presumably) is shown off maybe it will have the moniker Ballbuster.

We will keep updating armors as they are released. Iron Man 3 releases on May 3rd.





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