IPhone 5 Announcement To Be Held On September 12.

Are you just getting used to not using Siri as much as you thought you would? Well it’s time to get excited again. Apple has released this image above for their September 12 event and you would have to assume it will be the IPhone 5 announcement that everyone has been anticipating. Keep looking at the picture. It’s like a magic eye trick. Notice it? See that’s why the PR guys at Apple make the big bucks and I type on a keyboard about it…for free.

Rumors have been bouncing around about the next version of the IPhone since the day the 4S was announced. The one rumor that is almost assured is that it will have a redesigned charging port so all the IPhone cords you and your friends have won’t be so universal anymore. Also it should almost be a guarantee that the screen will be getting a bump up in size. Nothing so ridiculous as the Galaxy Note or even some of the other Samsung or Nokia models but more around the 4-4.2 inch range.

Anyone looking to pick up the IPhone 5 when it releases in a few weeks, sticking with what you have now or waiting to see the official unveiling before deciding?


2 responses to “IPhone 5 Announcement To Be Held On September 12.”

  1. I currently own a 3GS and I'm looking forward to whatever improvements they've made over the last several generations. Just gotta decide if I'm going to stay with T-Mobile or not.

  2. I'll probably pick up the iPhone 5 next year when my AT&T contract is up for renewal… I may go with a different provider…I'll just have to wait and see what kind of plans they have :)…Looking forward to it… especially since I just bought an Apple TV…with iPhone 4s and above you can use airplay and search the net on your iPhone and it will mirror what you are doing on the TV… pretty awesome feature… although from what I understand Smart Glass by Microsoft/XBOX will probably do the same thing when it comes out.

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