Infamous: Second Son Gameplay Is More Than Smoke And Mirrors


The Infamous series has been one of the most enjoyable of this past generation. Two quality open-world adventures with protagonist Cole McGrath proved Sucker Punch one of the best developers under Sony’s umbrella. Now the PS4 is here and it is time for a new direction for the franchise.

Infamous: Second Son is set seven years after Infamous 2 and stars new hero, Delsin Rowe who develops powers that are vastly different from Cole’s electrical manifestations. Delsin’s powers are flame and smoke based which he can use to unleash fireballs (not unlike Cole’s electrical variety) and melee with a flaming chain ala Ghost Rider. He can climb walls and parkour with the best of them so this still definitely looks and feels like an Infamous game. He can also use ventilation ducts on buildings to travel with haste as Delsin can transform into smoke.

The obvious bump in graphics helps Infamous: Second Son really stand out. When you see how clean and crisp the world is it is a true delight. Facial animations are also spot on at this early stage and shows just the beginning of the PS4 horsepower.

Infamous: Second Son is a launch window title for the Playstation 4.


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