Independence Day 2 Readies For 2015 Attack


After numerous years of rumors and promises it looks like Earth will be spending another 4th of July weekend fighting for our planet. 20th Century Fox has set that weekend in 2015 for the release of Independence Day 2.

Roland Emmerich will direct from a script he and Dean Devlin have written as the first of a two-part story. Bill Pullman is returning as the former President Thomas Whitmore as alien reinforcements arrive to have another go round with humanity 20 years after Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum welcomed them to Earth.

Smith will most likely not be coming back, but seeing as After Earth just took a Battlefield Eart sized dump at the box office and he has said no to Men in Black 4, he might want to rethink that decision. He needs a hit like a crack addict.


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